12 affiliate management software options for SaaS and ecommerce

Automation saves time, increases customer engagement, and unlocks upselling opportunities. Around 80% of marketers use automation, with 77% of them converting more leads to paying customers. It’s one thing to spark interest in your affiliates and another thing to win customer loyalty. Even https://www.xcritical.in/ if you think your pool of affiliates will never run dry, you must nurture relationships with your affiliates. Otherwise, they will abandon you one by one, sinking your business into oblivion. In the competitive world of affiliate marketing, standing out from the crowd is non-negotiable.

Affiliates Management System

Display banners, email advertisements, native ads, social ads, video ads, and pop-ups are just a few of the ad types for which it provides pre-made designs. Then, it lets you conduct A/B tests mechanically to determine which variant Affiliates Management System best assists you in reaching your conversion targets. Your affiliate’s marketing channel, the page they came from, and the content they viewed before making a purchase are all pieces of information that this tool can record.

How To Add Manual Commission?

On their platform, you can create numerous customizable campaigns with either one-time or recurring commission setup. One notable feature within their campaign setup is the ability to easily add Stripe Coupon codes (for Stripe users) inside campaigns, which will automatically apply to referred customers during checkout. You can also make campaigns private if you wish to create an invite-only partner program. Affiliate software is fast becoming a necessity for online businesses serious about scaling. Software can help you take much of the guesswork out of affiliate management and provides a lot of extras that make planning, reporting, and affiliate tracking seamless. You’ll end up paying extra fees to the network – often up to 30% of affiliate sales.

Affiliate marketing programs are always at the forefront of affiliate networks, as they contain essential information for affiliates and advertisers. Below are the key parameters to consider when crafting or enrolling in an affiliate program. As profitable as your affiliate management program is at a given time, you must diversify to stay safe in the long run. As an affiliate network, you have to manage thousands of third-party advertisers and even more affiliates, each craving the best deal.

  • It also streamlines the entire program from start to finish, including automation, affiliate tracking, and rewards.
  • Commission Junction, widely known as CJ, is one of the biggest affiliate marketing networks in the world, with a gigantic pool of affiliates and advertisers to choose from.
  • You can also create discount codes and host contests to motivate your affiliates.
  • To keep track of such a humongous ecosystem, you need an elaborate affiliate management system with automated affiliate software at the core.

Likewise, it runs an affiliate marketplace that connects advertisers with publishers on mutually beneficial conditions. This article provides a comprehensive analysis of the leading affiliate management tools and best practices for managing your affiliates, making it simple to take control of your affiliate program. Over 60,000 merchants use their software to process 614,000+ orders daily and manage 6.6+ million affiliates – over $366 million has been paid in affiliate commissions from $2+ billion in revenue. To use consumers as their own personal marketers for their goods and services, an increasing number of companies are implementing affiliate management solutions.

Commissions –

There are more than 360,000 potential partners that you can choose to work with. However, a staggering 92% of these are either fraudulent or don’t meet minimum performance criteria. Skyrocket your online sales and build powerful networks of affiliates and vendors with our Affiliate Management System Script. Fully compatible with PHP 8, Bootstrap 5, and all advanced technologies, it’s the all-in-one solution you need to take any online business to the next level. Did you know lead management software can bring you back in the driver’s seat of your business within just one quarter?

At Advertise Purple, our affiliate managers are key employees that usually has between 5-10 years of experience in affiliate management which means they know exactly how to manage your channel. Our account managers will work with you to learn your business model and develope the right strategy to achieve your business goals. They’ll then implement an action plan to deliver it, which includes recruiting high-quality publishers with audiences that match your target. Affiliate managers take care of the day-to-day running of your programs and campaign management by creating branded materials, resolving vendor queries, and identifying opportunities for improvement. They also liaise with third-party networks and handle media buying if that’s part of your strategy.

Advertise Purple can take care of every aspect of your program, from developing the right relationships and managing recruitment, to driving quality traffic and implementing a tracking solution. Automated tracking and reporting – the cornerstone features of affiliate software – will help you unmistakably connect customers to affiliates and issue due revenues for their efforts. Enterprise-level affiliate software and affiliate software for small businesses typically differ in features, scalability, and pricing.

With over 80,000 active partners, PartnerStack is the #1 platform dedicated to B2B SaaS. Since 2015, they have helped 400+ B2B SaaS companies to turn partnerships into valuable acquisition channels. Affiliate management is not as difficult or expensive as you might think.

Partnerize — SaaS Affiliate Software that Enables Data-Driven Marketing

In this section, you will get all the details of unique clicks on your website and also track through which affiliate partner you were getting the clicks. In this section, you can see by which affiliate partner (Affiliate email),  your product is purchased and the email Id of the person who has purchased your Product (User). Name of the product, Invoice number and Commission amount can also be seen in this section.

Affiliates can also make their own links and monitor how well they perform with PartnersStack. This SSL-protected program is a verified Stripe partner, so it can only be used to launch programs that accept payments through Stripe. Customized campaign creation and simplified partner onboarding are two additional benefits of this platform. Various commission or reward structures, such as those with tiers and bonus rewards, can be offered (available for enterprise plans).

Beyond that, it’s customizable – from reflecting your brand identity to introducing custom integrations (e.g. HubSpot and Salesforce). Another useful addition is an Affiliate Academy that helps you learn how to work on the platform and master its main features. It can help your program scale with tools to recruit, onboard, engage, and manage your partner activities. If you want to recruit affiliates from your own customer base and need a solid platform with all the main integrations, this one might be for you. Prices start from $47 upwards, depending on the number of affiliates and tracking requests you have.

The solution can be applied effectively for affiliate networks as well as advertisers and media buyers. Scaleo’s usability is enhanced by its AI-based back-end and interface. Affise offers two distinct affiliate management solutions – Affise Performance for performance marketing and Affise Reach to recruit new influencers and partners for your affiliate program. The ecosystem is designed to reduce marketing efforts while driving revenue. Affise also ensures transparency and reliability on user data with its  ePrivacyseal and SOC 2 Type II certification.

Top-Tier Affiliate Marketing Software From Phonexa Starting from $100 per Month

Your affiliate manager is also responsible for generating insightful reports and can provide digital marketing consulting services to help your program improve. Our affiliate program management team can handle the entire process from start to finish and deliver insightful reports to your staff so they’re always kept up-to-date on program developments. Our expert team has an in-depth understanding of the affiliate industry and what it takes to ensure your program scales effectively to drive successful business results. We can develop your affiliate networks into profitable lead generators that deliver increased sales revenue.

Affiliates Management System

Setting up an affiliate program with Rewardful only takes a few clicks and it’s possible to customize your program to fit your goals. Their in-depth tracking and analytics provides you with a detailed view of your affiliate program’s performance, and a wide range of integration options is also available. In this post, we’ve put together a list of the leading affiliate marketing software so that you can find the best alternative for your partner program. Often, the top affiliates in a network will go to the companies that can afford to pay the highest commissions. This can hinder your efforts in building your brand and creating a large, loyal customer base, especially if you’re a small business or startup. Wondering about the role of affiliate software in affiliate management?

Affiliates –

When you connect ClickMagick with Google or Facebook, you can use their respective analytic tools to keep tabs on your site’s traffic. In addition to being compatible with Stripe, PayPal, Recurly, Braintree, and Chargebee, FirstPromoter also supports 190 different currencies. Affiliates, meanwhile, can benefit from its A/B Testing function, which aids in the identification of the most effective links in terms of generating leads.


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