13 signs that the child is mocking at school

The new academic year has recently begun. For many schoolchildren, this is a joyful event: they have already bored summer. Others do not want to return to study and organized school life. But in some children, the idea of returning to school is caused by strong fear, because they know: they will have a persecution.

To help a child who has become a victim of bullying, it is important to notice the problem in time. If you have paid attention to some of the signs of possible dysfunction of the above school, it’s time to seriously talk to him.

1. The child does not want to go to school. He can beg his parents to allow him to stay at home, exaggerate the symptoms of the disease, or skip.

2. He stops talking with friends. The child becomes alienated, asocial.

3. His mood changes sharply. If it begins to torment depression or anxiety for no obvious reason, this may be a sign of dysfunction, in particular, school persecution.

4. He complains about health. The child is tormented by headaches, abdominal pain, his general well -being worsened. Stress affects the physical condition of the body in children and in adults.

5. He has sleep problems. It is difficult for a child to fall asleep or get up in the morning, he urinates in bed or he is tormented by nightmares. It can be difficult for him to disconnect from heavy thoughts and experiences. Fears and depression do not allow to sleep.

6. He comes home hungry. This may mean that he is taken from his money for school breakfast.

7. He avoids going to the toilet at school. In the toilet, the child is at a dead end, and there are no adults nearby who could come to the rescue. There often overtakes offenders.

8. His things disappear or are broken. Pay attention to broken or missing toys, school supplies, mobile phones. Those who mock a child often take away or damage his things, thus splashing their aggression and trying to suppress the will of the victim.

9. Bruises and abrasions are noticeable on the child’s body. Even if he says that he just fell, you should not exclude beatings.

10. A performance falls. Bullying prevents them from focusing on studying. He can skip lessons to avoid meeting with offenders. And they can steal or tear off his notebooks with homework.

eleven. He breaks anger at parents or brothers and sisters. If they mock and mock the child at school, often he begins to take out aggression on loved ones.

12. His interests on the


Internet are changing. Sometimes children can close the screen of the phone or computer when you are near, because they are ashamed for the fact that others write about them in the network. Or a child may begin to show an obsessive interest in social networks, trying to protect himself from attacks or constantly checking whether they wrote something offensive about him.

13. The child is in a hurry home. The child tries to return home as soon as possible after class, afraid that offenders will wait for him near the school.

Unfortunately, there were always those who like to mock others. You, as a parent, cannot expect that the child himself decides to openly tell about what is happening. It is possible that he is tormented by shame and it seems to him that he himself is to blame for what is happening.

Having learned how to notice anxious signs, you can call him a conversation in a timely manner. You can start with a simple question: “In my opinion, you recently reluctantly go to school. Maybe something or someone bothers you there?”

You can share the stories of an unfair relationship from your childhood: “When I went home from school, one guy constantly ran after me and threw stones at me. Maybe something happened to you too?ÂťPerhaps you and in adulthood have come to face persecution – for example, from your colleagues at work, and you are well familiar with a sense of helplessness that the child experiences. Calm down him, promising that you will not react to his story inadequately and will not include him even more trouble.

Most of the child’s fears are understandable-they say, mom or dad will be furious now, they will run to complain to school, and because of this I will look stupid and they will be even stronger than me. Many parents are afraid that the child will begin to poison at school. We all want to protect our children, but in order to do this, we must be able to recognize the problem in time and find a way to gently and tactfully talk to the child about what is happening in his life.


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