6 Steps to Create an Expense Report: A Guide for Small Businesses

expense report meaning

Expense reports help track business spending and are usually generated on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. While templates can be a good place to start, make sure they include all the details necessary for reimbursement before submitting the document to avoid delayed or stuck payments. Expense reports also let you track spending over time and see whether any particular expense category is driving costs.

  • Thanks to FreshBooks Expense Tracker, tracking your business’s expenses has never been easier.
  • You can even specify the purpose for which various expenses have been incurred, the expense types, and the subtotals.
  • The utility of expense reports varies across industries, depending on what expenses you should track.
  • An expense report is a form that itemizes expenses necessary for a business’s functioning and will help reimburse when an employee does incur business expenses.
  • To track money going in and out, business entities might generate expense reports monthly, quarterly, annually, or anytime between.

Similarly, with solid proof of tax expenses done during the whole period, the managers write it in the expense report, which is advantageous for a business. Employees submitting expense reports for reimbursement will absolutely need to attach receipts to justify their claims. If printing the expense report, tape the receipts onto a piece of printer paper and photocopy them so you can keep the originals.

Business Expense Reimbursement Form

Added to being time-consuming and labor-intensive, the expense management process is riddled with challenges right from when you set up policies till reimbursements are processed. A report that tracks expenses incurred during the course of performing necessary job functions. The personal budget template helps you to report your personal income, savings, and expenses item-wise on a monthly basis. It gives you a visual representation of your expenses, income, and savings, much like a dashboard.

If you’d like to check, strictly in terms of money, the RoI of an expense management software, here’s a free ROI calculator you can use. Accordingly, the business entities need expense tracking software that allows them to do just that. QuickBooks Online Accounting Software helps you as a business entity to track your income expense report meaning and expenses on-the-go. This is because it enables the firm to track its expenses, reimburse its employees properly, and get an understanding of the actual versus the budgeted spendings. This expense sheet records the cost of goods and services so that you can keep a check on the business expenses for your small business.

Who can submit an expense report?

This is because the IRS allows businesses to claim some expenses as deductions and asks them to break out the totals by category (this article has more information). Yes, receipts are required for expense reports as they ensure that the amount indicated on the report corresponds to the total paid. Without a receipt, it becomes far more difficult to determine if the proper product or service was purchased for the correct amount. That said, you will eventually want to upgrade to expense-tracking software that saves time, especially as your expenses grow with your business. According to Entrepreneur, an expense report form includes any purchases necessary to run a business, such as parking, meals, gas, or hotels.

  • All the software needs is the ability to export selected expenses, such as by payee, category, check number or other factors.
  • You can throw away older receipts, but it’s still advisable to invest in online software and keep a digital copy of every document on your cloud.
  • Creating an expense report spreadsheet in Excel is a simple way to manage your expenses.
  • Many expenses incurred by your employees while at work are tax-deductible.
  • An expense report can be prepared using accounting software or a template in Word, Excel, PDF, or other popular programs.


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