Getting Started with NET Core using C#

The System namespace contains the Console class, which reads from or writes to the console. There are three ways for you to start building .NET Core applications – command line, Visual Studio Code, and Visual Studio. We will use Visual Studio 2017 Community version 15.3 or later versions. The .NET Core allows developers to deploy libraries and components that are needed in a set of packages.

What is .NET Core

Also, you need to use different .NET APIs for different Windows devices such as Windows Desktop, Windows Store, Windows Phone, and Web applications. In addition to this, the .NET Framework is a machine-wide framework. Any changes made to it affect all applications taking a dependency on it. The Introduction to .NET Core course is designed to equip learners with the necessary skills to build web applications using the powerful .NET Core framework.

Learn here the difference between the .NET and .NET Core. In theory, if you compile code to .NET standard, it should be compatible with Framework and Core. It’s important to always have a good APM in place for your .NET application. Retrace is a great full lifecycle option that you can try for free. This is done easily in Visual Studio with a “Target Framework” command and recompiling the projects.

Learners will master the MVC pattern, routing, action methods, and views, along with detailed insights into configuring and deploying applications in various hosting environments. It provides hands-on experience in building a .NET Core application from scratch. By the end of this course, you will have a foundational to advanced understanding of .NET Core, capable of creating dynamic, responsive web applications that run on any platform. The course’s comprehensive coverage ensures that learners are proficient in both theoretical concepts and practical application, making them ready for real-world development. Today, it’s common to have an application that runs across devices; a backend on the web server, admin front-end on windows desktop, web, and mobile apps for consumers. So, there is a need for a single framework that works everywhere.

Unity is one of the most popular game development frameworks. C# and UWP are used to build mobile, desktop, console, TV, VR, AR, and Web games. Razor is a new framework for building dynamic web pages using C# and TypeScript. Razor is a game-changing technology that allows C# developers to build Web apps in C#.

What you’ll learn

Some programming experience in languages such as C# or Java is preferred but not Mandatory. You can access its class members by referencing them directly. The Console.Writeline() method writes a string and a line terminator to the console and the Console.ReadKey() method reads a keystroke. During the installation process, make sure, the “.NET Core cross-platform development” workload is selected. This will ensure installing .NET Core and tools to support .NET Core development in Visual Studio IDE.

What is .NET Core

The runtime is delivered via NuGet, as part of the [ASP.NET Core] package. Generally, it is used to build Windows desktop and large-scale enterprise applications using .NET workflow and data connection tools. Historically, the .NET Framework has only worked on Windows devices. The Xamarin and Mono projects worked to bring .NET to mobile devices, macOS and Linux.

What will I learn in the first module regarding the Introduction to .NET Development?

This will give you the most modern features and improvements, and it will also make your application more cross-platform. A cross-platform and open-source framework, .NET Core is best when developing applications on any platform. It is a cross-platform framework that runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. The .NET framework class library is referenced in namespaces.

What is .NET Core

In addition, the .NET Core can be deployed in Docker containers. Compared to the .NET Framework and .NET Core 2.2 and previous versions, .NET Core 3.0 is blazing fast. Any developer can get involved in .NET Core development. Thousands of active developers participating in .NET Core development are improving features, adding new features, and fixing bugs and issues. C# is an object-oriented language similar to other C-style languages. The learning curve should not be a problem for developers already working with C and similar languages.

Introduction to .Net Development

We’re working with the

Mono community to make it great on Windows, Linux and Mac, and

Microsoft will support it on all three platforms. We think of .NET Core as not being specific to either .NET Native nor

ASP.NET 5 – the BCL and the runtimes are general purpose and designed

to be modular. As such, it forms the foundation for all future .NET


What is .NET Core

This module is designed to provide learners with a comprehensive understanding of how to develop and configure web applications using the ASP.NET Core framework. By the end of the module, learners will be proficient in building and configuring web applications using ASP.NET Core. They will be able to apply best practices and design patterns to build high-quality applications that meet the needs of their clients and users.

UWP can be used to build apps that run on IoT powered by Raspberry Pi, MinnowBoard MAX, DragonBoard 410c, and others. ASP.NET Core is a core component of the .NET Core ecosystem. ASP.NET Core is based on MVC architecture and provides common libraries to build the Web. It allows developers to build all kinds of software, including Web, Desktop, Mobile, Cloud, Gaming, Internet of Things, and more. According to a report published by TechEmpowers, .NET Core is much faster than any other framework. The first version, .NET Core 1.0, was released in 2016 with limited functionality.

  • The Publish option builds and creates the necessary files to run your app.
  • More than just knowing what the third-party dependencies are, you need to understand how the application functions with the third-party dependencies that run on .NET Core.
  • Now, you’ve installed Visual Studio 2017, let’s build your first Hello World!
  • Microsoft promises that Xamarin is the best way to create a user interface (UI) and optimize performance in apps on multiple platforms.

More than 60,000 developers and 3,700 companies are contributing to the .NET ecosystem. A set of SDK tools and language compilers that enable the base developer experience, available in the .NET Core SDK. I.e., magenta rectangles on top will be added massively with new App Models, but the base will remain common.

This is important today when apps need to run on at least iOS and Android devices. Microsoft maintains both runtimes for building applications with .NET while sharing many of the same APIs. You’ll gain hands-on experience by working on various projects, building a simple .NET Core application from scratch, and practicing with real-world examples and exercises. You’ll learn how to develop, build, test, and deploy .NET Core applications efficiently.

The Publish option builds and creates the necessary files to run your app. The default program has a Program.cs file that has the main code listed. By adding this line, the console window waits until a key is pressed. Microsoft just announced the next version of its open source software development framework, .NET Core. The new version, i.e., .NET Core 2.0 is much improved and mature version compare to its predecessor, 1.0.


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