Visit to a sexologist: how he threatens you?

Deciding on a visit to a sexologist for many is still not easy. What is happening in this office? We have collected the most popular questions of customers and answers of therapists-sexologists.

What happens during therapy?

Leave fantasies, sexologist does not occur in the office of a sexologist.

“Some clients are surprised and disappointed without seeing in the office of vibrators and other sex toys,” says the therapeut of the therapeut of Kimberly Remo Anderson.

As an Anderson’s RETRACTION explains, sex therapy is a type of psychotherapy in which the main attention is paid to issues related to sexuality: experiences, ideas, and behavior.

– I try to interpret the sexual capabilities, expectations and satisfaction of the client, taking into account his life history, including sexual. Of course, we sometimes discuss “risky” topics, including very intimate details, but any sexual contacts in the process of therapy with a sexologist are excluded, ”she says.

What customers are addressing a sexologist? Can I come alone (one)?

“Different people turn to sexologists, you can come alone, without a partner,” says sexologist Megan Fleming. – They come to me both together and one by one. Clients of any age, any sexual orientation, any ethnic and religious affiliation are found.

But telling a stranger about an intimate life is inconvenient?

At the thought that you will have to discuss your sex life with a stranger, you may feel uneasy. Most customers at the beginning of work feel awkward.

– When a new client enters the office, my first task is to create a comfortable atmosphere for him so that he can calmly discuss his problems. Sex is a taboo theme, and most people are ashamed of their sexuality, ”says sexologist Kili Rankin. – But is it not better to discuss problems with an erection with a professional instead

U principu, prepuštajući se ljubavi u svu strast, moći ćete potrošiti dvostruko kalorije. Međutim, s jedinim stanjem ćete izvesti preparati za potenciju položaj. Ne nadajte se da su kalorije izgorjele u orgazmu. Potrebno je samo 10-15 kcal. Sve ostalo što trošite u tom procesu. Nemoj pretjerati! Seks s treningom može se miješati, ali ne i da se zbuni.

of complaining to her best friend?

What problems are most often talking about people who have addressed a sexologist?

Specialists have to work with different problems, but some are most often found.

For example, which ones? Decrease in libido, inconsistency of the sexual needs of partners, problems with an erection, premature ejaculation or delay in ejaculation in men and problems with excitement, orgasm and pain during sex in women.

“Clients also treat problems that are associated with behavior, not physiology: dependence on pornography, complexity with the resumption of sexual relations after treason,” says sexologist Ian Kerner.

Will there be „homework” from the therapist?

Yes. He can direct you for an additional examination to the doctor to exclude the medical causes of your problems.

-When the sexologist figure out what is happening with the client, he can begin to give certain tasks-for example, read something, try or do something. Therapy should be focused on obtaining a result, and the therapist must constantly monitor the progress of the client, ”says the sexologist and family therapist Gracie Landes.

Therapy can really help

– Most feels some relief after the first session. The therapist may need several more sessions to decide on the treatment plan, but the first meeting with a specialist will help to return the hope of healing, ”says the psychologist and psychotherapist Stefani Buler.


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